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Flooring | Rubber-Cal Red Rubber Roll MO61468
  • Excellent durability of anti-slip mats that is reversible to last twice as long

  • Holes throughout the surface provide drainage matting for use in wet applications to allow liquids to pass through

  • Commercial mat that is easily cleaned using common commercial equipment or industrial dishwashers

  • Perfect for a rubber entry mat or rubber kitchen mat in applications where surfaces are prone to wet conditions

  • Raised bar design offers extra gripping action for anti-slip floors to reduce the risk of injury from slipping

The Rubber-Cal Paw-Grip Non-Slip Mat is a high-quality flooring option sold at a width of 34 inches and a thickness of 3/8-inches, with varying lengths. As the name of the product implies, these industrial rubber runners will provide all the grip you'll need. Along with excellent traction, this flooring offers drainage and is made with rubber material that maintains superior grease resistance. With a textured surface, this anti-slip floor mat provides outstanding traction to create a safer flooring option. Reducing the risk of slipping, the raised-bar design's added grip is made with premium grade rubber that is moisture resistant for a more secure footing. While it offers a non-slip surface, the Paw-Grip is also a drainage flooring with holes throughout the surface to allow liquids to pass through. In wet applications, this lightweight, resilient product aims to maintain a water and grease resistant surface. This Non-Slip Mat is made from 100 percent Nitrile rubber that allows it to have superior grease and oil resistance. While the rubber mat flooring offer traction, they also serve to protect dropped parts and materials from breaking. The perfect product for rubber entry mats or rubber kitchen mats, the Paw-Grip is a surface with superior traction. The raised bar design allows for extra grip while the holes throughout the drainage mat permit liquids to fall through for a cleaner surface. Made from 100 percent Nitrile rubber, this product naturally exhibits resistance to oils and greases with a resilience to protect dropped parts and materials from breakage. For a safe and durable flooring option, look no further than the Paw-Grip.

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