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Flooring | Rubber-Cal Black Vinyl/Plastic Roll YY90462
  • Ideal floor protection mat with a watertight floor construction from durable PVC/SBR

  • Durable, 2mm-thick rubber runner mats with an industrial aesthetic is offered in many lengths

  • The diamond-plate floor texture adds a degree of traction and promotes safety, making for an anti-slip floor

  • Tough and resilient flooring ideal for use as: fitness flooring, kitchen traction mats, boat flooring, garage floor mats, basement floors, and trailer mats

  • Excels as a temporary rubber runners or area mat that can be rolled out and rolled up as needed

Our 2mm-thick Diamond-Grip rubber runner mats are inspired by the classic, hardwearing industrial flooring aesthetic. The surface of the mat is embossed with the diamond-plate floor pattern, which promotes multidirectional slip resistance in dry, damp and even wet conditions. This feature makes the Diamond-Grip ideal rubber runners for heavily traveled areas that may see spills, or are currently in less than optimal condition. This is a top-grade floor protection mat for use in areas where subsurface floors are exposed to abrasive conditions. The quick and simple installation of this resilient flooring, permit its use when the season (i.e., winter) or conditions require an anti-slip floor or protective floor covering. These rubber runner mats are great as: fitness flooring, kitchen traction mats, workshop floor covering, boat flooring, gym equipment mats, garage floor mats, basement floors, and trailer mats. The Diamond-Grip is composed of SBR and PVC, both abrasion-resistant and long-lasting materials that can take the abuse of busy feet, moving machinery, and excess moisture. This water-resistant flooring works well as a temporary runner or a permanently-installed floor in areas where an anti-slip floor is vital. The backside of the Diamond-Grip has a fabric-textured surface, which prevents the mat from skidding in dicey conditions. In more demanding circumstances, double-sided tape can be used to secure the matting to the floor. For an aesthetically and functionally tough protective floor surface, look no further than our Diamond-Grip rubber runner mats.

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