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Flooring Tile | Villa Lagoon Tile Spark C Coral 16-Pack 8-in x 9-in Unglazed Cement Patterned Floor and Wall Tile XI09254
  • Authentic cement tile, suitable for heirloom-quality surface

  • Hand-crafted, producing beautiful natural variation

  • Not painted or printed, thick color layer can be ground and resurfaced

  • Raw finish, ready for any cement tile sealant

  • 8-in nominal hexagon, actual dimensions 230x200x12mm

"Spark C Coral" authentic cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile. A geometric hex cement tile pattern poured in salmon pink with white lines. Our hand-made cement tiles produce a luxurious, rich finish which cannot be matched by mass-produced ceramics. With a thick color layer composed of concrete mixed with mineral pigments, a well-maintained cement tile floor can last for generations.…Cement tiles are produce by hand, one-at-a-time. Subtle variation similar to natural stone is common, as slight temperature and humidity variations during curing can effect the final appearance. By appropriately mixing tiles from different boxes, a skilled installer can take advantage of this property to produce a beautifully rich surface.…We take care to grade and match all of our production lots. Please be sure to purchase all tiles needed for an installation at the same time, as reorders may come from a different lot, producing a noticeable difference in shade and tone. It is also very important with any tiles to order at least 10% more than you need for your room coverage. This is to allow for waste cuts at the edge of rooms, accidental breakage, etc. It is also very helpful to store remainders as "attic stock" for future repairs or changes. Even with common ceramics, it can be very difficult to find a perfect match, to cover the hole from a removed fixture, replace a broken tile, etc.…All cement tiles must be sealed during installation. Our raw cement tiles are the most versatile, allowing for the widest range of residential and commercial sealants. Final characteristics of the installation, including slip rating, stain resistance, and water permeability is dependent primarily on the sealants used, and not the tile itself. There are even sealants available that can provide extreme slip-resistance by adding transparent grit, for texture.

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