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Bathroom Shower Faucet Handles | KOHLER Polished Chrome Lever Shower Handle SG26114
  • This new K-TS14423-4 trim replaces the existing K-T14423-4 trim, the new trim is identical and includes trim adapter kits for both Rite-Temp K-304/K-2971 HiFlow and the new K-8304 series valve

  • Pressure-balancing diaphragm technology maintains outlet temperature within +/-3 degrees Fahrenheit during water pressure fluctuations

  • Provides temperature regulation and automatic anti-scald protection

  • Single handle controls both on/off activation and temperature setting

Purist faucets combine simple, architectural forms with sensual design lines. Featuring this modern, minimalist style, the Purist bath/shower trim includes a faceplate with lever handle. Pair this trim with a Rite-Temp pressure-balancing valve, which maintains your desired water temperature during pressure fluctuations.

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