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Flooring | Rubber-Cal Terra Cota Interlocking Rubber Tile (3-Pack) GU82990
  • Modular, durable, wear resistant, and recycled interlocking flooring tiles

  • Ample gauge of this rubber tile is so comfortable it can be used as play flooring or as flooring in a man cave

  • Ideal for abrasive and high impact areas such as weight-room floors, industrial equipment flooring, or outdoor floor protection mats

  • Moisture resistant tile makes for a great product as: deck flooring tiles, flooring for damp basement, or playground surfacing

  • Simple and easy DIY installation with interconnecting pins can be done by anyone

Rubber-Cal's eco-sport tiles are interlocking flooring tiles that are 1 inch thick and available in 4 aesthetically pleasing colors, coal, blue, green, and Terra cotta. With their thick 1-inch gauge, these rubber tiles are designed to withstand the most abusive conditions thus serving as a premium flooring and equipment protection product. The 1-inch thick interlocking floor tiles are thick enough to withstand dropped weight when used as weight-room floors, heavy machinery when used as equipment flooring, or to safeguard floors as floor protection mats. These recycled tiles are excellent for either indoor or outdoor applications due the high contents of EDP found in their raw materials, recycled tire rubber. In outdoor applications this product can be used as play flooring for toddlers or playground surfacing with actual play equipment on top of the interlocking floor tiles. In this scenario the one inch gauge of the recycled tiles will protect and cushion kids from falls when running or jumping. The simplicity of the installation of this tile makes for a DIY floor. The rubber flooring tile offers an interlocking mechanism (plastic connector pin), and the tile has two holes on each of the four sides resulting in five connector pins per rubber tile. The connector pins are made of hard plastic with a ferruled edge and that holds them in place inside the tile once they have been inserted. There is no messy glue or expensive installers required, making for a very simple and easy DIY installation that can be done by anyone. Try these ultra-durable rubber tiles today!

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