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Flooring | Rubber-Cal Black Vinyl/Plastic Roll UL85438
  • Great aesthetic appeal with its modern and sleek surface now available in earth tone colors

  • This coin-floor surface textures makes for a non-slip floor and ideal for use in any slippery environment

  • A durable SBR and PVC rubber runner available in a variety of lengths making for an easy DIY installation

  • A roll rubber flooring that is suggested for use in gym floors, garage floor covering, as anti-slip flooring, in elevators, and even as a van floor liner

  • Protect floors and create a water-proof floor with the combined resilience of SBR and PVC rubber

The Coin-Grip Metallic flooring is designed to be safe and long lasting with a visual appeal of its own. This PVC flooring roll comes in both silver and beige with a shiny finish, giving it a metallic look. Both colors provide a unique aesthetic to your facility. Its coin-textured surface gives this flooring some modern appeal, while still looking industrial. This coin top texture also provides traction in order to prevent slips and injuries. According to the National Safety Council, deaths and injuries in the work place cost 142.2 billion dollars and 120 million work days in 2014. The Coin-Grip Metallic flooring will make your facility a safer and more efficient place by preventing slips and falls. Not only safe, but also durable, the Coin-Grip Metallic has longevity. Made out of PVC, it is chemically stable and is strong enough to protect existing surfaces from most physical abrasions. Its durability enables it to handle heavy oncoming foot traffic, making it popular for use in gyms, as industrial machinery padding, and for boat decks. PVC also has light oil resistance, making it popular for use among garages and industrial workplaces where common spillages occur. Not only capable of being used for multiple applications, this flooring is easy to install. Simply use double-sided tape for temporary installations. For more permanent flooring, using polyurethane-based adhesives over a wood or concrete floor will work. Rolls come up to 25 ft, but shorter lengths are sold by the linear foot, making for an easier installation process. This resilient flooring roll can be cut with the use of a utility knife for those who need even further modification. Installation is made even easier because this flooring is modular. Being lightweight and easy to roll up and it can be stored until needed. The Coin-Grip Metallic makes flooring efficient and easy, saving you time and money.

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