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Lawn & Garden Irrigation Timers & Accessories | Rain Bird 8-Station Wi-Fi Compatible Indoor/Outdoor Smart Irrigation Timer AW20321
  • Compatible with outdoor or indoor use with a power cord that can be removed for direct wiring to power source

  • Easy to use - Rain Bird App allows access to timer functions from anywhere in the world

  • Always Connected – Exclusive 3-way control allows connection from a mobile device to the timer through a WIFI network, direct from a mobile device to the timer when in range, or through the timer front panel

  • Smarter Watering - Automatic Seasonal Adjust can change the controller’s daily watering schedule according to the season, local weather, temperature, and humidity

  • Fully Customizable – Every watering zone schedule can be set with a different name, picture, frequency, start time, and run time to ensure your plants are healthy and you have a lower water bill

  • Notification Alerts – Stay in touch with what’s happening in your yard, even when you’re away from home. Can include alerts for watering events, freeze warnings, or when watering has been delayed

  • Watering Delay - Suspend watering from 1 to 14 days; programming resumes automatically once delay has ended

  • EPA Watersense certification - Reduce your water consumption by as much as 30% and qualify for rebates from local municipalities

  • Watering History - Better understanding of water usage through statistics and reporting capabilities

Put control of your sprinkler system in the palm of your hand with a Smart Irrigation WIFI Timer from Rain Bird. It is simple to setup customized watering schedules that can be adjusted automatically all year long to ensure a healthy, beautiful landscape saving you time and money. That’s The Intelligent Use of Water™

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