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Lawn & Garden Garden Hose Reels | Sunneday Plastic 75-ft Wall-mount Hose Reel HW97176
  • Patented slow rewind technology, free locking system

  • Access panel give option to replace or adjust hose

  • Mounting brackets allow 180 degree swivel

  • Mounting kit included

  • Multipurpose spray nozzle comes with the system

The Sunneday retractable XG-75S, 1/2" 75 ft. series hose reel are a true life saver. Simply pull hose to the desired length. The hose reel will stop and lock in place allowing you to water at a specific length. Once done, simply give the hose a gentle tug and the hose reel will retract all the way back in. No need to worry about the hose tangling inside the reel. With its guidance system, the hose will roll up perfectly every time. The Sunneday XG series also comes with a patented slow rewind system. So, when you are ready for the hose to retract in. Simply drop the hose and the slow rewind system will retract hose at a slow speed which allows for a comfortable safe rewind. Most systems will retract at high rates of speed which can destroy things in the path on the way in. The mounting system allows the unit to swivel 180°. Unit comes with access panel to replace hose if damaged or needed. Its also a quick release mounting system so simply lift on handle to remove for storage. Multi-purpose spray nozzle comes with the system.

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