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Bathroom Toilet Tanks | Swiss Madison Swiss Madison Wall Hung Systems Gray 0.8-GPF Dual-Flush Toilet Tank MC15335
  • Compatible with 2x4 stud installation areas for residential walls

  • Dual high-performance gravity flush allows for the choice between full or partial flushing saving significant water with a - 0.8/1.6 gallon per flush (gpf)

  • Front panel is equipped with a flush actuator opening for easy access to the inner tank and shut off valve

  • Adjustable allowing the bowl height to be set anywhere from 15” to 19” inches from the floor

  • Steel framing rated for 500lbs

Necessary for wall-hung toilet bowl installation the Concealed In-Wall Tank Carrier is a durable and dependable choice. An adjustable steel frame allows a broad selection of mounting heights for toilet bowls paired with it. The insulated tank reduces flush noise and protects from condensation and sweating.

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