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Lawn & Garden Thermometer Clocks & Gauges | AcuRite Analog Wireless Indoor or Outdoor Black, White Thermometer with Clock RH97544
  • The clock mechanism features quartz crystal timekeeping technology for high-level accuracy

  • The large clock face measures temperatures from -40 °F to 140 °F

  • Next to the on-face thermometer, the clock face provides humidity sensor readings from 1% to 99% relative humidity

  • The clock has an attractive black frame and an easy-to-clean glass lens

The AcuRite 24-inch wall clock is an elegant way to stay on top of the time while you relax on your patio or deck, play with the kids in the backyard, or even as you cook — as this could double as an outdoor kitchen clock! With an included temperature gauge and hygrometer on the clock face, you’ll always know just how warm or cold it is outside and the current outdoor humidity levels. This durable, battery-powered clock was designed with all-weather construction and makes this large wall clock a functional addition to any porch, garden, or farmhouse that is easy to mount with its integrated keyhole hanger. The stylish design also makes it a perfectly suitable bedroom clock or clock for other indoor decors as well, such as a dining room, wine cellar, or rec room. The clock mechanism features a reliable quartz crystal movement and requires one (1) AA battery (lithium recommended; not included). Even though this is not a small clock, it’s far from gaudy. This big clock features easy-to-read, large, and elegant Arabic numbers and accurate temperature and humidity measurements that make for the perfect backyard or in-home addition. This clock comes with a one-year limited warranty.