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Storage & Organization Storage Bins & Baskets | Mind Reader 16.14-in W x 8.07-in H x 10.23-in D White Iron Stackable Basket HV06962
  • MULTIPLE COMPARTMENTS: It’s even easier to stay organized with multiple compartments to group your items

  • ALL-PURPOSE USE: This storage basket can organize just about everything, anywhere - Whatever you need to store or organize, you can count on this mesh storage basket and organizer

  • KITCHEN USE: Keep your kitchen countertops clean and tidy with this handy organizer - Use it to hold fruit, cutlery, tea bags and much more - It’s also perfect for the pantry - This basket can go into the cabinet or pantry as a spice rack

  • OFFICE USE: Use it on top of your desk as a multi-purpose container for all your office supplies - Place it in your drawer and you have a drawer organizer

  • BATHROOM AND BEDROOM USE: No more messy makeup drawer - Use it as a bathroom counter organizer for your hair accessories, hair products, cleaning supplies and much more

  • SPACE-SAVING: Use one storage basket or multiple baskets to stay organized and save on counter space or drawer space

  • LIGHTWEIGHT SLIDING DRAWERS: Weighing less than 3 pounds, this storage basket and organizer is easy to use - Also, the sliding drawers make your stored items easily accessible

  • DURABLE MESH DESIGN: The steel mesh design keeps items easy to see and easy to organize - This takes the guesswork out of storage - No need for labels - Keep your items organized in a sleek fashion - Moreover, this steel metal lasts for years and years

  • NON-SLIP: Secure rubber grips will keep this basket in place wherever you decide to use it

Tired of messy spaces? Store and organize anything, anywhere with this all-purpose storage solution. The MIND Reader Storage Basket and Organizer is a multi-purpose container with multiple compartments to keep your items organized. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and even the office. Use it as under the sink storage to keep cleaning items accessible and ready to use. You can also use it to keep countertops neat as a kitchen counter organizer or as a kitchen drawer organizer. Use it as a hot beverage caddy to organize teas or as a coffee station organizer to organize coffees, sugar packets and stirrers. This storage basket can also be used to organize snacks or fruit. This metal storage basket is perfect for the kitchen pantry. It can serve as a pantry cabinet organizer and extra pantry storage. No more rummaging for herbs or spices. You can use this as a sleek spice rack as well. Use it in the bathroom as bathroom storage or as a bathroom counter organizer to organize toiletries, cleaning products or hair accessories. Use it as a makeup caddy or makeup organizer for drawers to tidy up your lipstick collection, foundations and much more. Bring this organizer to the office to keep desks tidy. Organize pens, post-it notes, paper clips and much more. Place this item in the drawer for an instant drawer organizer. This wire basket for storage will not only keep things organized but save you tons of counter or drawer space. This storage basket is designed with a steel metal mesh to keep your items visible while being in a sleek container. This slide out cabinet organizer comes with sliding drawers for easy use and accessibility. This product is durable and built to last. At about two pounds, this basket is lightweight and portable. It’s also designed with rubber grips to keep it in place wherever you decide to use it. Stay organized with the MIND READER Storage Basket and Organizer. Get one or more to keep your home or office tidy!

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