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Lawn & Garden Planters, Stands & Window Boxes | PolyStone Planters Extra Large (65+-Quart) 46-in W x 19-in H Greige Mixed/Composite Planter with Drainage Holes LM26715
  • Lightweight garden planter that looks and feels like real stone

  • Perfect for places where weight is an issue like decks and balconies

  • Can be left outside year around with no freeze/thaw cycle separation

  • Insulated core protects your plants roots from temperature fluctuations

  • Weatherproof from minus 30F up to plus 150F

  • Stands up to salt spray

  • Includes drainage holes and exit channels

We take pride in the fact that our planters will last for decades. Our unique combination of proprietary materials and patented finish will ensure that your PolyStone Planters will outperform other planter manufacturer options. They will look just like the day that you bought them for years come. There is no use of plastics in our planters and they will not become brittle or breakdown. Our unique polymers create an extremely durable and flexible shell. Our layers in PolyStone Planters will never separate and can handle all weather environments. PolyStone Planters will never have issues with freeze/thaw cycles, salt spray, or over irrigation. Our insulated core helps with temperature variation and promotes healthy root growth. You can re-paint these planters every 10-years indefinitely.