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Flooring | Norsk 18-Pack 0.25-in x 18.3-in x 18.3-in Black Flexible PVC Tile Multipurpose Flooring XX52836
  • Provides finished look

  • Additional safety element

  • Patented air flow-through design helps prevent mold and mildew

  • Compatible with all Norsk PVC multi-purpose flooring products

One Norsk Trim Kit has enough trim to cover about 26 linear feet (4 corners can be cut to convert them into straight pieces). Just enough trim to handle a standard 3 car garage with 16 foot and 10 foot garage doors. Norsk finished borders are ONLY compatible with all Norsk interlocking PVC floor tiles. (These trim kits are NOT compatible with any of our Foam mats.) Beveled edges provide an anti-trip feature by creating a transitional ramp effect for the tiled working surface. Finished borders may be applied at the front of the garage, at door entrances or by forming a border around the entire perimeter for a finished mat look. Our patented Air-Dry design allows trapped moisture to flow from underneath the tile and evaporate. Each kit contains (14) Borders (4) Corners.

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