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Lawn & Garden Garden Fencing | Greenes (Common: 0.75-in x 36-in x 18-in; Actual: 0.75-in x 36-in x 18-in) White Wood Spruce Pine Fir Garden Fence Panel OM51768
  • A decorative wood picket border fence for your lawn and garden area

  • White picket design accents, supports and protect flower beds, walkways and lawns

  • Install by pushing the picket fence into soft ground

  • Fence pushes 6 inches into soft ground leaving 12 inches above ground

  • White wood picket fence 36 inches long by 18 inches tall

  • Install in a straight line or at an angle

  • Made in the USA

The deluxe picket fence is self-staking and can be installed in a straight line or at an angle. It can be used as a border fence, visual barrier, or for supporting plants and flowers in a garden.

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