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Lawn & Garden Drip Irrigation | Mister Landscaper 4-Pack 15 Gph Adjustable Drip Irrigation Micro Spray PU49251
  • These patented 3-in-1 Swap Top Mister® micro sprays gives you 3 choices of spray patterns including a 360° flat fan spray, a 165° and a 180° half circle spray pattern

  • This 3-in-1 Swap Top Mister® micro spray is ideal for watering small areas, atrium, shrubs, small trees, plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees along walkways, fences, driveways, and the perimeter of a house

  • Easy to interchange the spray patterns by sliding off the patented swap top reversing it then sliding it back onto the G shaped micro-spray mister

  • The green G shaped micro-spray is ideal for small landscapes, greenhouses and atrium giving a flat fan spray pattern and waters up to a 5-ft full circle area

  • Slide the orange swap-top onto the green G shaped micro-spray you will receive on one side a 180° half circle pattern with a 4-ft radius and on the other side a 165° half circle 4-ft spray pattern that helps to keep water from spraying on house

  • The angle of the spray is low and this helps to keep the water pattern at the base of the plants to cover their root zones and only uses only 10 up to 15 GPH while efficiently watering flowers, plants, trees and shrubs

  • When installed on top of our mister-riser assemblies MLS-231 or any of our micro-stake assemblies MLS-211, MLS-TAN or MLS-BLA this micro-spray will be flow controlled to only use 10 GPH

  • At the beginning of the water source we recommend you use our 50 PSI pressure regulator MLA-58 if your water pressure is higher than 50 PSI and if your water source comes from a well, pond or has debris we highly recommend you use our filter MLFF-41

  • This micro-spray is made with high quality UV inhibited resins that are made to last years in extreme weather conditions and is proudly made in the USA

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