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Lawn & Garden Drip Irrigation | Mister Landscaper 16-Pack Drip Irrigation Goof Plugs YY10698
  • Use these 16 goof plugs to seal up any holes made by mistake using either of our punch tools

  • The goof plugs will seal the holes where a 1/4-in barbed coupler, adapter, dripper, or flow controller was removed

  • Ergonomically designed to make installations easier and can also be installed using the end of the all-in-one tool ml-tool

  • Simply twist-off a goof plug from the runner, then push on the thumb tack looking head to snap the solid barb into the hole of the 1/2-in poly tubing

  • These goof plugs can also be used to end the lines of 1/4-in vinyl tubing and the 1/4-in in-line tubing

  • These goof plugs are constructed of commercial grade UV resins capable of withstanding years of exposure in any environment

  • Proudly made in the USA

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