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Lawn & Garden Drip Irrigation | Mister Landscaper 15-Pack 1 Gph Drip Irrigation Dripper DF88350
  • These 1 GPH pressure compensated drippers are used to keep a constant flow of 1 GPH at various water pressures up to 25 PSI

  • A 25 PSI pressure regulator MLA-25PR and a filter MLFF-41 are highly recommended to be used first at the water source when using these 1 GPH drippers

  • Use this dripper to slowly water a potted plant or landscapes using only 1 GPH of water and they are ergonomically designed with a wide-winged top to make the installation easier

  • The water supply enters into the dripper from the barbed end and then the water is dispersed from the stem end

  • Install these drippers directly into the 1/2-in poly tubing by first snapping a hole using either of our punch tools MLA-51 or MLA-TOOL and use our goof plugs MLA-51G if you snap a hole in the wrong place or want to relocate the dripper

  • These drippers can also be installed by running a piece of 1/4-in vinyl tubing to the plant from the 1/2-in poly tubing using the 1/4-in barbed couplers MLT-BXB then by pushing in the dripper at the other end of the 1/4-in vinyl next to the plant

  • Our 1/4-in support stakes MLT-DST can be used to securely hold the 1/4-in vinyl and 1 GPH dripper near the plant

  • Also use our 1/4-in tees and elbows MLT-ATE to run the 1/4-in vinyl in opposing directions or in tight corners to supply water to these drippers

  • With a beginning water pressure of 25 PSI you can run 500-ft of our 1/2-in poly tubing and install up to 250 of these 1 GPH PC drippers

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