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Lawn & Garden Drip Irrigation | Mister Landscaper 10-Pack 21.8 Gph Full-circle Drip Irrigation Micro Spray HW16077
  • These micro-spray spinners rotate the water giving a 360° full circle spray pattern with a diameter coverage up to 10-ft to 12-ft

  • Ideal to use this 360° large circle micro-sprinkler in the center of landscapes, flowerbeds, greenhouses, gardens and for large trees

  • The angle of the spray is low and this helps to keep the water pattern at the base of the plants to cover their root zones

  • The wing shape makes it easy to thread into the mister-riser assembly or the 1/4-in vinyl and locking collar on top of the micro-stake assembly

  • Uses only 10 up to 15 GPH while efficiently watering flowers, plants, trees and shrubs

  • When installed on top of our mister-riser assemblies MLS-231 or any of our micro-stake assemblies MLS-211, MLS-TAN or MLS-BLA this micro-spray will be flow controlled to only use 10 GPH

  • If your water pressure is higher than 50 PSI we recommend you use our 50 PSI pressure regulator MLA-58 at the beginning of the water source

  • We highly recommend you use our filter MLFF-41 at the beginning of your water source if it comes from a well, pond or has debris

  • This micro-spray is made with high quality UV inhibited resins that are made to last years in extreme weather conditions and is proudly made in the USA

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