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Lawn & Garden Drip Irrigation | King Innovation 20 Gallon Tree Irrigation Watering Bag 1PK BU68484
  • Heavy duty polyethylene

  • UV resistant

  • Maximum capacity 20 gallons

  • Maximum tree size 6 in. Dia

  • 1/4 turn cap for quick fill

  • 5-8 hours of drip time

  • Strap secures bag in high winds preventing blow away

  • 2 water release points for even distribution

  • Reduces transplant shock

The Sapling Soaker ring is a tree watering bag that is designed to provide proper watering for trees. The low profile of the Sapling Soaker Ring allows for a snug fit underneath small shrubs or bushes as well. Prolonged drip time of 5-8 hours helps to grow trees through constant watering at the root. The bag features built-in slow release emitters for even water distribution. The heavy duty strap secures the Sapling Soaker in high winds preventing blow away. Ideal for municipal street-side plantings, and landscaping applications.

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