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Lighting & Ceiling Fans | Big Ass Fans 144-in Yellow Indoor Ceiling Fan (6-Blade) DM94086
  • Perfect for indoor spaces up to 60-ft x 60-ft (3,600-sq ft) and ceilings 14- to 25-ft

  • 6 Patented airfoils reduce the drag on the motor, allowing it to run at higher speeds and provide cooling over the same area as 51 standard 52-in ceiling fans

  • Gearless, direct drive motor is silent and energy efficient

  • Reverse not required in winter; simply turn fan down to lowest setting; this will gently push hot air down from the ceiling during winter vs against ceiling and down the walls, reduces heating energy consumption by up to 30%

  • 12-Ft diameter

  • Input power and required breaker: 110–125 VAC, 1 PH, 50/60 Hz, 10 A

  • Variable speed controller offers fully-adjustable airflow

  • Universal mount and 3-ft extension included

  • 50-Ft of CAT-5 cable included

Air movement without the noise. The BAF 3600 is a money-saving machine and functional work of art. At 12-ft in diameter, this fan creates serious airflow for spaces up to 3,600 sq. ft. Perfect for keeping shops, gyms, warehouses and spaces of all types comfortable. The 3600 increases comfort and decreases energy bills year-round (yep, even in the winter). You'll feel the comfort, but never hear it, as each BAF 3600 operates silently.

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